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Timers in WPF

by Ioannis Panagopoulos
There are times when you need a  task to execute periodically. There are two ways of achieving this: Use the System.Windows.Threading.DispatcherTimer Use the System.Threading.Timer Say now that you want to implement a class the executes DoSomething() periodically and also in... [More]

Instantiating a class written in XAML from code.

by Ioannis Panagopoulos
There are some times when you want to write a specific framgent of the UI in XAML and then intantiate it in a code-behind file. This can also lead to the strange situation of being able to change the UI design completely afer the application has been compiled and shipped. Here is how such thing can... [More]

Masked TextBox in WPF (and Keyboard in WPF)

by Ioannis Panagopoulos
Last week, I was wondering whether it is easy to implement a Masked TextBox in WPF since WPF does not have any by default. It turns out that this quest is an interesting one and consists of discovering the MaskedTextProvider .NET class and finding out how to control the Keyboard and especially the I... [More]

Data Validation in WPF

by Ioannis Panagopoulos
In the previous post, I have presented a basic intro to DataBinding in WPF. This post, extends the previous one by adding a brief introduction on data validation using WPF. When it comes to data validations, one is faced with the following concerns: Where the validation logic will resi... [More]

Data Binding with WPF

by Ioannis Panagopoulos
Data Binding in WPF has been through a substantial change compared to Data Binding in Windows Forms. It kinda became simpler mainly due to the fact that a BindingSource is no longer needed for the job. In this post we will cover the basic elements of databinding in WPF. The first thi... [More]


by Ioannis Panagopoulos
DownLoad in .pdf (145,97 kb) This post provides the basic key points in order to understand the WPF XAML syntax and what is going on behind the scenes in the XAML Processor. Although you may be the kind of guy/girl who prefers to learn through writing/reading code, I recommend reading this art... [More]
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